USAGE OF PERSONAL DATA - ASCENSIS GRUP commits not to transmit the personal data of the users of its websites to other foreign entities and to use them only for getting in contact with its customers, as well as for the purpose of informing its customers about the website functionality and the company's commercial offers (for marketing purposes).

SPAM - ASCENSIS GRUP is not promoting SPAM. Any user that provided his/her email adress on the following websites WWW.ASCENSIS.RO or WWW.ASCENSISGRUP.EU, is intitled to demand the erase of his/her email adress from our database by submiting a request by email.

INFORMATIONS STORED ON USER'S COMPUTER (Cookies) - During the usage of any ASCENSIS GRUP websites, our company may save to your computer a small amount of data. This information is stored as a "cookie" or something similar and help us in several ways. This "cookie" helps ASCENSIS GRUP S.R.L. to build and refine the content of its websites in acordance with the users interests and preferences. Every internet browser has the posibility to erase the "cookies" from the hard-drive, to block the "cookies" from being stored on the hard-drive or to let the user know when a "cookie" is about to be stored on the hard-drive. We recomend you to read the user instruction of your used web browser .

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